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Winning Seasons Start in the Weight Room

In 2002, the Friends of Melrose Football funded the construction and purchase of equipment for 5,000 square foot, state-of-the-art Strength and Conditioning facility at Melrose High School.  


In 2016, FMF partnered with the Melrose Recreation Department to fund strength and conditioning coaches' salaries, facility improvements, and equipment upgrades.

The Strength & Conditioning coaching staff has implemented a year-round strength and conditioning program focusing on athletic performance, injury prevention.

The Strength and Conditioning Facility is open year-round to all Melrose High School and Melrose Veteran's Memorial Middle School student-athletes.

“Our strength and conditioning program is the real key to the progress and development of our athletes.  Two areas of importance, where strength and conditioning play an important role in the success of our football program are injury prevention and the development of our players.”


- Tim Morris, Head Coach

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