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Friends of Melrose Football organizes funding events throughout the year to support our student-athletes, the MHS Football program, and MHS Athletic programs.  

All donations generated from these events go directly back into the program and help  provide funding for the following:

Assist with MHS Assistant Football

Coaches Salaries

Provide MHS Strength and Conditioning Coaches salaries for all sports 

Game Day Camera Man

Middle School Football Program

Post Season Awards

MHS Strength & Conditioning Facility Equipment and Improvements

Video Equipment for Game Evaluation and Instruction

Game Day Photography

Post Season Awards Banquet

Post Season Senior Gifts


President                John Mercer

Vice President      Chris McCormack

Treasurer                Ward Hamilton

Clerk                         William DeSimone

Directors                  George Karelas

                                  John McDonald

                                  Mike Morris

                                  Rick Rudolph

                                  Glen Squatrito

                                  Chuck Whelan


 “We feel strongly that these kids can create a transcript for college and we want to see them succeed outside of football. We believe in the ethics of hard work and doing the right thing on and off the field. If you do well in the classroom, you’re going to go far.”

Tim Morris, Head Coach

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