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1930 - 1959

9 Mystic Valley League Titles
1 Middlesex League Title
3 State Championship Titles


1930 Football Team.png


Mystic Valley League Title

9-0-0 Undefeated

Coach Harold Poole

Captain Arthur Hannigan

The first undefeated Melrose team in years had 9 successive wins and, according to the Melrose Log, had only 14 points scored against them all season.  

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Mystic Valley League Title

Tied for 1st

Coach Harold Poole

Captain Wayne Parman

The 1934 team finished the season sharing the Mystic Valley League title when"severely handicapped by injuries, the team showed a fighting spirit which enabled it to beat heavier and more experienced teams."

1939 team.png


Mystic Valley League Title

Perfect Mystic Valley Record

Coach Harold Poole

Captain Howard "Jupe" Virgin

After a slow start they ended the season undefeated in the Mystic Valley League including 5 straight wins and tying Malden where Melrose was described as "outplaying their opponent in every sense of the word."  

1942 undefeated team.png


Mystic Valley League Title 

Class B State Champions

Coaches Dave Gavin/Kenneth Norris

Captains Billy McNamara &

Ed Cahoon

Undefeated Mystic Valley League Champions and Class B Football Champions whose "will to win" spirit overtook the league.  The Melrose Log describes their "front wall" having "all the appearance of a college line boasting several 200 pounders."

1946 Team.png


Class A State Championship

Coach Dick Gavin

Captain Ralph Loveys

According to the Melrose Log, the 1946 team came through a tough season by taking the Class A Championship, and also described the team as young with a hard-driving line and  a light, fit backfield to do the job.  

1932 football team.png


Mystic Valley League Title


Coach Harold Poole

Captain Earl Ellsworth

After graduating all but 3 lettermen, the 1932 team came into the season as underdogs but treated "each game as a battle and a test of their own strength and endurance" and won the Mystic Valley Title.

Screen Shot 2021-07-25 at 11.27.38 AM.png


Mystic Valley League Title


Coach Harold Poole

Captains George Paterson & Joseph Pagnucci

Accused of 3 unlawful acts by the Melrose Log:  losing to Malden, tieing Winthrop and the "most serious crime," losing to "turkey day" rivals Arlington, they redeemed themselves by retaining the Mystic Valley Title.

1941 team.png


Mystic Valley League Title


Coach Harold Poole

Captains Carl Rautenburg &

George Bryant

"A fine season" where the Red Raiders won the Mystic Valley League title with a perfect in-league record, beating Malden 19-0 and Wakefield for the 16th time.  

1943 Team.png


Mystic Valley League Title


Coach Dave Gavin

Captain Carlton Ward

The 2nd successive undefeated/untied season and raised to Class A in the State Championship Ratings had, according to the Melrose Log "hipper-dipper and razzle-dazzle plays along with box formation spinners and laterals baffled the opposition 157-7 in points."

1959 Team.png


Middlesex League Title

Class B State Champions

Coach Joe Hogue

Captain Kenny Palm

After a number of building years, Melrose roared into the 1959 season  and finished up undefeated in the recently formed (1957) Middlesex League.

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